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PLC Controlled Workstations

PLC Controlled Workstations: Streamlining Operations with Advanced Automation

Mertay Makina offers PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controlled workstations equipped with state-of-the-art automation technologies to optimize industrial operations. Integrated with leading software platforms such as TIA Portal, WinCC, and SCADA, our workstations provide seamless control and monitoring capabilities for a wide range of applications. From drilling machines and assembly lines to final inspection and photometric test stations, our PLC controlled workstations are designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and traceability throughout the production process.

TIA Portal, WinCC, and SCADA Integration: Our PLC controlled workstations are integrated with industry-leading software platforms such as TIA Portal, WinCC, and SCADA, providing comprehensive control and visualization capabilities. With intuitive user interfaces and real-time data monitoring, operators can easily manage and monitor production processes, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Traceability System Integration: Traceability is essential in modern manufacturing environments to track and trace products throughout the production process. Our PLC controlled workstations are integrated with traceability systems, enabling seamless data capture and recording of production parameters, material usage, and quality inspection results. This ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitates efficient product recalls and quality control.

Drilling Machines: Our PLC controlled workstations include drilling machines equipped with advanced automation features for precise and efficient drilling operations. With programmable drilling parameters and automated tool change capabilities, our drilling machines optimize throughput and accuracy, reducing cycle times and minimizing operator intervention.

Assembly Lines: Assembly lines are the backbone of manufacturing operations, requiring precise coordination and control of multiple processes. Our PLC controlled workstations are designed to seamlessly integrate with assembly line systems, providing synchronized operation of equipment and components. From part feeding and positioning to fastening and inspection, our assembly line solutions ensure smooth and efficient production workflows.

Final Inspection Stations: Final inspection stations play a critical role in ensuring product quality and compliance with specifications. Our PLC controlled workstations include final inspection stations equipped with advanced sensors and measurement devices for comprehensive product evaluation. With automated inspection routines and real-time data analysis, our inspection stations help identify defects and deviations, ensuring only the highest quality products reach the market.

Photometric Test Stations: Photometric test stations are used to evaluate the optical performance of lighting and signaling products. Our PLC controlled workstations include photometric test stations with precise light measurement capabilities and automated test routines. Whether testing for luminous intensity, color rendering, or beam distribution, our test stations ensure compliance with industry standards and customer requirements.

At Mertay Makina, we are committed to delivering innovative automation solutions that enhance productivity, quality, and traceability in manufacturing operations. Contact us today to learn more about our PLC controlled workstations and how we can support your production needs.