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Assembly Fixtures: Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy in Manufacturing

Mertay Makina offers a comprehensive range of assembly fixtures designed to streamline operator-based and robotic assembly lines and workstations. From clamping and screwing to pressing, gluing, trimming, riveting, and sensor inspection, our fixtures provide the precise support and functionality needed for efficient and accurate assembly processes.

Clamping Fixtures: Our clamping fixtures ensure secure and stable positioning of components during assembly, preventing movement and minimizing errors. Whether it's holding parts in place for screwing, pressing, or gluing operations, our fixtures provide the necessary stability for consistent results.

Screwing Fixtures: Screwing fixtures are essential for fastening components together securely and precisely. Our fixtures are designed to accommodate various screw sizes and configurations, ensuring efficient and accurate assembly of threaded components.

Pressing Fixtures: Pressing fixtures facilitate the assembly of parts that require controlled force application, such as pressing bearings into housings or inserting pins into holes. Our fixtures are engineered to provide uniform pressure distribution and precise alignment for optimal results.

Gluing Fixtures: Gluing fixtures are used to hold components together during the adhesive curing process, ensuring proper alignment and bond strength. Our fixtures are designed to apply consistent pressure and maintain alignment until the adhesive sets, resulting in strong and reliable bonds.

Trimming Fixtures: Trimming fixtures are employed to remove excess material or trim components to final dimensions after assembly. Our fixtures are designed to hold parts securely in place while allowing for precise trimming or cutting operations, ensuring uniformity and accuracy in the finished product.

Riveting Fixtures: Riveting fixtures facilitate the assembly of components using rivets or other fasteners. Our fixtures ensure proper alignment and pressure application during the riveting process, resulting in strong and secure joints.

Sensor Inspection Fixtures: Sensor inspection fixtures are used to verify component dimensions, tolerances, and other critical parameters using sensors or measurement devices. Our fixtures are designed to hold parts in the correct orientation for accurate inspection, helping to ensure compliance with quality standards and specifications.

At Mertay Makina, we understand the importance of efficient and accurate assembly processes. Our assembly fixtures are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of your production environment, whether it's operator-based or robotic assembly lines. Contact us today to learn more about our assembly fixture solutions and how we can support your manufacturing operations.